a passion for whitetails

1. No 4 wheelers. Just electric cart and tractor allowed on my farm

2. Large sanctuary. Limited use

3. Don't let scent go into sanctuary

4. No tracking deer in day light. Not allowed to leave stand in daylight during gun season. Strict rules on tracking deer. Limit number of people. Only slam dunk shots allowed to limited poor shots

5. Scent control 

6. Don't gut deer in woods

7. Only shoot does on property lines. Never shoot does on plots

8. Limit using trails in the interior of property. Chained off roads through sanctuary to make it a effort to go in

9. Limit walking. Use electric cart to get to stands and bump deer off plots if picking hunter up off of field edge stand

10. Don't pound does during gun season. Limit shooting to target bucks

11. Limited amount of hunters

12. Hunt the edges of sanctuary. Access around perimeter