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 Planting / Maintaining Resources: From QDMA Forum

Choosing a rootstock for your wildlife apple trees

Fundamentals of Fruit Tree Planting for Wildlife

Tips on growing/pruning caged apple trees

A User's Guide to Successful Apple Tree Plots

Pruning (and Training)

How to make limb weights for training branches

Apple Tree Scaffold (Branch) Spacing

Pinching Growth to Help The Central Leader

Scoring the Central Leader to Create Fruiting Limbs

Pruning at time of Planting - why it's important!

Tree Spacing Calculator

The Wildlife Apple Orchard Calendar

Appleman's Spray Program

Using Sevin as a Thinning Agent (Review Posts 8 & 13)


Apple Tree Borers

Fertilizing Apple Trees

How to Release an old and unmaintained apple tree.

How many years until my fruit tree bears fruit?

Blooming and Bearing Problems

Bud Stages from Dormancy to Bloom

Critical Temperatures for Fruit Bud Hardiness

Disease Susceptibility of Common Apple Cultivators

Fruit Tree Disease Identification Pictures

Fruit Tree Maturity Chart

Fruit Tree Pollination Chart

Important of Fruit Tree Pollination

Pests and Insects

What happens if you bury the graft union at planting time?

Hand Thinning Fruit

Tools - Selection & Care

Tree Storage and Care if Planting is Delayed

Removing Suckers and Water Sprouts

Grafting Resources:
How to benchgraft apple trees

Top Working an Apple Tree - Cleft or Bark/Rind Grafts

Science of Grafting

Scionwood Storage

Scionwood Storage and Shipping

Growing Apples & Crabapples from Seed: